Design Your Life

There is no doubt nowadays that up to 90% of our life is created by our unconscious mind.
Everything we ever thought, spoke, felt, experienced is recorded there and becomes part of ourselves. Moreover, the believes held by our family, communities, our environment, the education system and so on, everything that we were part of become part of us.
All this “collection” of records is what shapes our life, our health and wellbeing, our relationships, jobs, finances – our reality.
Our present life is an un-photoshopped picture of our unconscious.

To change our life, we need to change our unconscious mind. We need to uncover our core programming behind the things that don’t work well and don’t support the life we want. Once we identified the roadblocks, we can easily reprogram ourselves according to the changes we want to make. We create who we wanna be. We design our lives.


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