How my sessions of Manifestation Coaching can help you

Just like fingerprints, the way we create our experiences is unique. We have our own “recipe” to experience life – our own Manifesting Blueprint. When we create our lives consciously, from a place of authenticity and alignment with our “recipe”, we step into the flow of life and enjoy everything that comes with it. We live fully.

In Manifestation Coaching sessions I help you uncover and understand your Manifesting Blueprint and how to align your actions with it, so you can achieve your objectives.

In this type of session I combine  coaching and energy work (intuitive healing modality Akashic Records and Manifesting Blueprint reading)  to support your transformation and your creative process.

What will you achieve in this session? You will:

  • Understand what is your Manifesting Blueprint and learn how to align with it
  • Understand what life areas are not aligned and how this impacts your objectives
  • Uncover and clear energetic blocks and restrictions that undermine your objectives
  • Uncover your patterns and understand how to correct the ones that are not beneficial; unconscious limiting beliefs
  • Uncover your true potential and learn how to build your life from from a place of authenticity.

What is included :

  • 1 preliminary session, consisting of intuitive Akashic Records/Manifesting Blueprint reading and energy clearing (if necessary) – done by me, before the 1:1 session;
  • 1:1 session (face to face or online). This session can be recorded, on request;
  • Personalized ‘homework’ that supports the transformation process.

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