Workshop: Vocation & Self-Discovery Journey

When: Sunday, 20.06.2021, 14:00 – 17:30

Where: Mindspace Pipera

The motto “know thyself” was one of the maxims inscribed on the pediment of the temple of Apollo at Delphi, along with “nothing in excess”, inviting mankind to exercise moderation in life. It was through these maxims that Apollo’s oracle – one could think of it as one of the “mass-media” of ancient times – invited men to self-investigation, prompting them to discover that the essence of one’s life is not to be searched for in the world outside, but instead within ourselves.

About this event:

Working hard and being always too busy or going through the day with ease and grace? Struggling to find some time for yourself or having a good work-life balance? Struggling with difficult relationships in some/all life areas or enjoying loving and supportive relationships?
These are a few questions that can help you become aware of the quality of your life. We all deserve to enjoy life, to have that fulfilling job which is right for us and have good relationships. Of course, effort is required to get desired results but struggle is not.

What makes the difference? Living your true nature and expressing your true self in harmony.How to get there? The first step is to Know Yourself – that You on a profound level, your gifts, the way you relate to the outside world and the ones around you. To know your true potential and what is your best way to value it.

If you are interested to discover yourself on your core, I invite you in a journey of Soul exploration and Divine Gifts uncover. Come with an open heart. I will take care of the rest. 🙂

Workshop structure:
14:00 Get to know each other over a coffee
14:15 Creative self expression activities
15:00 Uncover your gifts (part 1)
15:45 Break – free discussions
16:00 Uncover your gifts (part 2)
16:45 Identify new choices necessary to become more aligned with your True Self. Draft the action plan

Price: 250 RON

What is included?
– 3 hours of workshop & all materials used
– Divine gifts reading in Akashic records for each participant. The modality used is Soul Realignment by Andrrea Hess (
– Drinks (espresso, cappuccino, latte, tea, still water)
Bonus: 10% discount for all 1:1 sessions booked by 30th of June 2021.

– The discussions will be in RO and EN (if necessary)
– The reservation is confirmed after the payment of 50% advance payment
– The payment is not refundable. If something comes up and you can’t attend anymore, you can transfer your reservation to a friend (please send the details at least 1 day before the workshop) or keep the reservation for future events.
– Details about location, payment details or other practicalities will be provided in private, to the participants registered.
– The date of the event might change, depending on the Covid restrictions at that time. If you have any question, send me a PM, I will be happy to hear from you.



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