New: Chakra Analysis Session is now available.

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Our chakra system exists in not just in our third-dimensional body, but also in our fourth-dimensional aspect, in our emotional and mental energy bodies. Thus, imbalances can be found at any of these levels.

A chakra imbalance includes both under- or over-activity. Each chakra can have either too little or too much energy running through it at the various levels of the system.

Chakra imbalances are caused by lifestyle imbalances. We direct energy in our lives through our choices. If we neglect any of the energies that we are here to integrate as human Beings, our chakras will become off-balance.

Knowing what chakras are off-balance and at what level(s) gives valuable indications on where is our focus in our lives and helps us identify the current choices that impact on your well-being.

It also brings awareness on our current lifestyle and changes needed.

A chakra analysis session consists of:

  • Full report on current stat of chakra system (for all 3 levels – physical, emotional and mental)
  • Overview of imbalances identified
  • Guidelines to understand the imbalances identified

Price: 350 RON

What is included:

  • A full reading of the chakra system (done by me before the 1:1 session)
  • A report of chakra activity (sent by e-mail – electronic format)
  • A 1:1 session (30 min) with me (online or face to face) to guide you through the report on your chakra system and to help you understand the imbalances identified.



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