New: Life Lessons Reading Session is now available to be booked

Check it out on Life Lessons Reading.

Our lessons are explorations in how to do certain life “themes” appropriately for us, without venturing into negative patterns of choice.

Our life lessons represent the tendencies we all have towards negative patterns, based on our Soul-level history, as well as who we are, at Soul-level. They are “themes” of sorts that help us learn, at the level of ego, to more fully express our Divine nature into our human experience.

Understanding our “lesson curriculum” helps us understand our pre-dispositions towards negative choices, become aware of current negative patterns and make conscious choices.

In a life lessons reading you can uncover :

  • what are your life lessons (primary and secondary)
  • how these appear now in your life
  • what life areas are impacted

Price: 255 RON

What is included:

  • Report on your life lessons, as they appear in the present moment in your life, percentage of completion, life areas impacted (done be me before the 1:1 session). The report will be shared by e-mail.
  • A 1:1 session (30 min) with me, to guide you through the report and support integration of the information.

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