Relaxation – such a needed skill

There are many Masters among us, we just need to open up enough to notice them and receive their wisdom. One of them – this kitten – teaches me the skill of relaxation. I am amazed by the cat’s ability to relax no matter where, no matter what … and by my deficiencies in this area. 🙈🙃

Relaxation is such a needed skill! And so overlooked! Do not wait for the weekend, take a break right now, in the middle of the week. And whenever you remember, take small breaks to just BE.

Here are some thoughts for contemplation & test (whenever you feel ready to create new healthy habits):
💡 How would it feel to start the day with a moment of relaxation instead of rushing through the morning?
💡 How would it feel to take deep breaths between the coffee sips?
💡 How would it feel to take a few minutes walk and enjoy the sunshine after lunch?
💡 How would it feel to just do nothing?
💡 How would it feel to …

Give it a try. And feel welcome to share your experience in a comment, if you feel so.

Enjoy it! ❤️🙏


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