Rodica Neagu Founder InnovateOn

A life lived up to full potential

InnovateOn project appeared from the dream of a life lived fully and up to the true potential. A life led by the inner innovator (the Authentic Self) we all have inside, that part of us that knows we came here to express our uniqueness and not settling for conventional.

My awakening journey started in 2014, with tiny steps that felt giant at the time. I explored many modalities, trainings, programs, books and applied research, each bringing a significant contribution to my development. I applied all on myself, in my own “experiments” designed to understand the body-mind-spirit connection and the way we create our experiences.

Now I embrace the calling to share the experience gained in my journey and guide conscious persons to uncover their potential and create the life they want. In my practice I combine tools from formal trainings (Soul Realignment®, Manifesting Blueprint, Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Silva Method) and my own applied research, integrating the learnings from the practices that proved to be successful.

I am thrilled to work with individuals committed to their transformational journey and to creating the life they want.


Highlights from my transformational journey

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