Intalnesc periodic persoane care, atunci cand vorbesc despre ceea ce fac (si alte practici/perspective similare), ma intreaba: si … functioneaza?

Raspunul meu este: depinde. Depinde de aspiratiile tale, de felul tau de a fi si de ce vrei de la tine, pentru tine. Depinde unde esti acum si unde vrei sa ajungi.

Pe scurt, lucrurile se prezinta in felul urmator:

Daca nu vrei sa schimbi nimic din ce ai acum sau in perspectivele tale pentru viitor, si nu nici te confrunti cu vreo problema – probabil nu functioneaza, ghidarea primita ti se va parea “din carti SF” si neaplicabila. Asa va fi pentru tine si este in regula, potrivit experientelor alese. Daca totul merge foarte bine asa cum faci acum, de ce sa schimbi, nu?

Daca in schimb te confrunti cu provocari (relationale, profesionale, de sanatate etc.) si vrei sa intelegi ce se intampla, cum poti sa iti schimbi experientele in cel mai portivit mod pentru tine, atunci da, functineaza. Si functioneaza in moduri in care nu te-ai fi asteptat. Necesita efort? Da, necesita efort si implicare pe masura provocarilor, contient(a) fiind ca este cea mai importanta investitie pe care o poti face – investitia in tine.

La fel si daca intentia ta este cea de dezvoltare, evolutie si nu te confrunti neaparat cu probleme semnificative. Daca vrei sa iti explorezi potentialul si sa treci al un alt nivel – da, functioneaza. Diferenta aici este ca in unele cazuri progresul pare mai lent la inceput pentru ca, din moment ce nu arde nimic suficient cat sa doara, integrarea informatiilor revelate, sustinuta de schimbari concrete in viata de zi cu zi se face mai lejer. Am observat ca se pastreaza un anumit confort pana cand setea de cunostere devine sete de transformare, de a trai efectiv la un alt nivel. Din la acest punct ritmul se schimba si cresterea poate deveni foarte rapida, in ritm ametitor, avand in vedere ca exista si un nivel inalt de intelegere, si energie disponibila sa procesezi noile experiente.

Deci, functioneaza?

(Re)Discover Yourself – Transformational Program at a Special Price for Women’s Day

On the occasion of Women’s Day, I offer the transformational program (Re)Discover Yourself at a special price, during period March 5 – 9th, 2022.

You can book this program for a special woman in your life or for the most special of all – Yourself. 🙂

Here’s what you get in this program:

✅ 1 Akashic Records reading (profile and energy blocks). The information from your profile will become your “compass”, which will help you express yourself as close as possible to your true self, in all situations and on all levels. You can find details on the modality that I use to access Akashic Records on Soul Realignment®.

✅ 1 Manifesting Blueprint reading (blueprint and comparison current actions vs. blueprint). The information in this blueprint can be used whenever you want to make changes – manifest something new or correct imbalances in current experiences. You can find details on the modality that I use to access the blueprint on Manifesting Blueprint.

4 sessions 1:1 (online or offline – if you are in Bucharest), where I will guide you in the process of self-discovery and realignment with your authentic self.

The recording the sessions to listen afterwards, whenever you need, as you integrate the new information into your daily life.

✅ Homework – ritual for reprogramming the subconscious to integrate new information into your reality here and now.

✅ Useful examples of new actions, aligned with your true self.

Sounds interesting? Find out all about it at: (Re)Discover Yourself.

Enjoy it!

Special offer March 5 – 9th, 2022:

1800 RON 1500 RON

“Shooting Stars” is now available in stock

Shooting Stars” is my first book published – a collection of poems that reflect perspectives and key moments of my personal journey and of the ones that contributed to my experiences along the way. It contains my messages for the “stars” ready to follow their own path and willing to look beyond illusions.

I call it healing poetry as it is meant to shake the core and touch the soul.

I am thrilled to announce that now it is available as paperback in stock in Bucharest and also on Amazon.

For details/orders in Bucharest, please contact me in PM.

For orders in other locations, please check the options on Amazon at:









We Are What We Hide


We are not what we show, we are what we hide. What we do, feel, think when nobody can see us. What we put behind the poker face. What we hide from the ones around and, the most important, from ourselves.

We create enchanting mirrors to show our pretty faces and to distract from seeing that everyone and everything around is our mirror. Our life is our true mirror. And what we mirror mirrors us.

Thus, whenever we ask ourselves “what do I like?“, “what do I want to experience in my life?”, we should also ask ourselves “what do I hide?”. That will open the door to one of the most important quests one can have.  

How my sessions of Manifestation Coaching can help you

Just like fingerprints, the way we create our experiences is unique. We have our own “recipe” to experience life – our own Manifesting Blueprint. When we create our lives consciously, from a place of authenticity and alignment with our “recipe”, we step into the flow of life and enjoy everything that comes with it. We live fully.

In Manifestation Coaching sessions I help you uncover and understand your Manifesting Blueprint and how to align your actions with it, so you can achieve your objectives.

In this type of session I combine  coaching and energy work (intuitive healing modality Akashic Records and Manifesting Blueprint reading)  to support your transformation and your creative process.

What will you achieve in this session? You will:

  • Understand what is your Manifesting Blueprint and learn how to align with it
  • Understand what life areas are not aligned and how this impacts your objectives
  • Uncover and clear energetic blocks and restrictions that undermine your objectives
  • Uncover your patterns and understand how to correct the ones that are not beneficial; unconscious limiting beliefs
  • Uncover your true potential and learn how to build your life from from a place of authenticity.

What is included :

  • 1 preliminary session, consisting of intuitive Akashic Records/Manifesting Blueprint reading and energy clearing (if necessary) – done by me, before the 1:1 session;
  • 1:1 session (face to face or online). This session can be recorded, on request;
  • Personalized ‘homework’ that supports the transformation process.

Let Go so You Can Flow

Do we have to change? We don’t have to, we DO change.

Everything is in continuous movement, everything is alive and follows the natural course – evolving.

Embracing the change, we align with the rhythm and flow of life, we grow, we are inspired and inspire, we dream more and more of our dreams come true. We contribute to a better world. We redefine what’s possible and set out new horizons. We expand.

Resisting to change we contract, we turn on the adversity and step by step our activity becomes a struggle. We direct our creative energy towards keeping together pieces of a world that falls apart and we fall with it. We devolve.
Struggle comes often with change but is not necessary. We struggle because we step against the natural direction of the Univers. Therefore, instead of finding better ways to cope with struggle, we could just let it go and embrace the change.

Let go so you can flow.

Live Now. Live Fully

We tend to postpone our lives to better times, when we meet the deadline for X, when we lose weight, when we find the right partner, when the children grow up, when summer comes, when we make more money – you name it.

We create so much conditioning and so many milestones that we miss the most important – to live. We run to build a better life and end up running from life.

What makes as avoid the present moment? Sometimes is to hide the void inside, some other times to cope with some experiences, to forget about unfulfillment, to tame unwanted emotions and so on – all to get rid of something we don’t like, something we label as “bad”. But is any of this as bad as missing life?

What if we just stop? Right now. Focus on this present moment with everything that brings.

How does it feel?

Live now. Live fully.

Design Your Life

There is no doubt nowadays that up to 90% of our life is created by our unconscious mind.
Everything we ever thought, spoke, felt, experienced is recorded there and becomes part of ourselves. Moreover, the believes held by our family, communities, our environment, the education system and so on, everything that we were part of become part of us.
All this “collection” of records is what shapes our life, our health and wellbeing, our relationships, jobs, finances – our reality.
Our present life is an un-photoshopped picture of our unconscious.

To change our life, we need to change our unconscious mind. We need to uncover our core programming behind the things that don’t work well and don’t support the life we want. Once we identified the roadblocks, we can easily reprogram ourselves according to the changes we want to make. We create who we wanna be. We design our lives.

Unlock Your Authenticity. Live Fully

Just like fingerprints, the way we create our experiences is unique. We have our own “recipe” to experience life – our own blueprint. When we create our lives consciously, from a place of authenticity and alignment with our “recipe”, we step into the flow of life and enjoy everything the comes with it. We live fully.

Transformational coaching and self-realignment help you uncover and understand this unique essence and blueprint, your authentic way of living and to reduce the gap between who you are now and your authentic self.

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