Dare to …

Dare to open up
Dare to shine
Dare to uncover your originality
Dare to be a fool
Dare to burn with life
Dare to be creative
Dare to be a God at play.

Relaxation – such a needed skill

There are many Masters among us, we just need to open up enough to notice them and receive their wisdom. One of them – this kitten – teaches me the skill of relaxation. I am amazed by the cat’s ability to relax no matter where, no matter what … and by my deficiencies in this area. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ƒ

Relaxation is such a needed skill! And so overlooked! Do not wait for the weekend, take a break right now, in the middle of the week. And whenever you remember, take small breaks to just BE.

Here are some thoughts for contemplation & test (whenever you feel ready to create new healthy habits):
πŸ’‘ How would it feel to start the day with a moment of relaxation instead of rushing through the morning?
πŸ’‘ How would it feel to take deep breaths between the coffee sips?
πŸ’‘ How would it feel to take a few minutes walk and enjoy the sunshine after lunch?
πŸ’‘ How would it feel to just do nothing?
πŸ’‘ How would it feel to …

Give it a try. And feel welcome to share your experience in a comment, if you feel so.

Enjoy it! β€οΈπŸ™

Este viata ta semnata de tine?

Cat de des te trezesti sa stralucesti (in viata ta)?

Cat de des te trezesti sa stralucesti? Sa stralucesti – sa fii prezent(a) si autentic(a) in toate actiunile tale, sa imprimi tot ceea ce faci cu energia ta cea mai profunda, sa iti pui semnatura pe panza fiecarei zile – fie ea cu vreme senina, nori sau furtuna – si sa poti spune de fiecare data, din toata inima: da, si aceasta este creatia mea?

Cat de des traiesti ca un puternic(a) Creator(e)? Cat de des esti constient(a) ca fiecare zi si fiecare actiune a ta este o opera de arta, parte din colectia ta personala – viata ta?

Cat de des esti constient(a) ca tu esti o opera de arta, parte din colectia universala – Viata?

Cat de des ai curajul sa fii Tu in viata ta?

Aceasta este o invitatie la comtemplare si revelare.

Daca simti sa te lasi ghidat(a) si mai profund, te invit sa explorezi programele si sesiunile pe care le-am creat pentru autocunoastere si transformare. Gasesti detalii despre fiecare in parte pe pagina mea iar daca ai intrebari ma poti contacta in PM sau la office@innovateon.net.

Iata cateva link-uri:

Program “Curajul de a fi Tu”: https://innovateon.net/curajul-de-a-fi-tu/

Program “(Re)Discover YourSelf: https://innovateon.net/rediscover-yourself/

Sesiuni Realiniere: https://innovateon.net/realignment-3/

Sesiuni Coaching: https://innovateon.net/coaching/

Iti doresc sa ai o zi semnata de tine! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

New: Relationship Realignment Session

Relationship Reading Session is now available to be booked.

Relationships play a major role in our personal growth. Through our relationships we learn more about who we are and who we are NOT.

The Relationships Realignment session offers a soul-level perspective on our relationships to better understand how to build a healthy relationship together and how relationship can help us align to our Divine self-expression. It uncovers specifically:

  • how the relationship can help us align to our Divine self-expression;
  • energetic blocks and restrictions (from this life or past lives) that may be negatively affecting the relationship;
  • shared past life history (if any);
  • shared negative karma (if any);
  • negative contracts (if any)
  • life lessons associated to the relationship.

βœ… Relationship reading can be done for romantic relationships and partnership, parent/child, siblings, business partners and close friends as well.

⛔️ Relationship reading can’t be done for relationships that are over or a former partner.

What is included:

  • 1 Relationship reading and energy clearing – if any (done before the 1:1 session);
  • 1:1 session (90-120 min) online (video call) or offline (if you are in Bucharest);
  • The recording of the session;
  • Personalized β€˜homework’ to reprogram the subconscious mind according to the patterns identified – if applicable.

If you want to access a new level of awareness and take your relationships to a new level of development and co-creation, this is definitely for you!

Te sarbatoresc, femeie!

La multi ani, femeie minunata!

Iti multumesc pentru ca faci parte din aceasta comunitate si pentru contributia pe care o aduci in aceasta lume, incepand cu “simplul” fapt ca Esti!

Astazi te invit la un exercitiu usor πŸ˜Š β€“ sa te sarbatoresti in orice fel iti vine in minte. Lasa-te purtata de inspiratie, stiind ca toate ideile sunt inspiratie divina. Deschid lista cu cateva ganduri care mi-au conturat inceputul zilei astazi si sper sa te inspir sa adaugi tu mult mai multe.

️ ❀️ Imbraca acea rochie pe care o tii pentru intalniri speciale, amintindu-ti ca cea mai importanta intalnire este cea cu tine. Si daca astazi vei sta mai mult in casa, e perfect, imbrac-o oricum.

❀️ Savureaza un ceai/o cafea in liniste si ia-ti timp, chiar si pentru cateva momente, sa-i simti aroma cum te invaluie.

❀️ Ofera-ti un cadou pregatit de tine, cu drag, ca pentru cea mai buna prietena a ta.

❀️ Ofera-ti un zambet de fiecare data cand te privesti in oglinda si priveste-te (cu adevarat) in oglinda mai des.

 ❀️ Imbratiseaza-ti copiii, contientizand binecuvantarea de a darui viata.

❀️ Observa cate femei minunate ai in jur si fii recunoscatoare pentru rolul pe care il are fiecare in viata ta.

❀️ Constientizeaza-ti feminitatea si bucura-te de toate darurile pe care aceasta le aduce.

Aminteste-ti ca energia feminina este energia creativa, cea care vindeca si cea a starii de receptivitate – capacitatea de a primi darurile Universului.

Completeaza tu lista mai departe si binecuvanteaza femeia din tine, precum si toate femeile pe care le cunosti.

Te imbratisez cu drag si iti doresc sa ai o zi minunata ca tine! 

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