The community A New Way of Being is the community of real life superheroes – those individuals committed to live up to their potential and to make the world a better place.

“Be the change that you want to see in the world”


Iuliana Rusei
Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant Bucharest, Romania

“I had the opportunity to have a few sessions with Rodica and I’m so grateful to discover so many insights and information about myself. For me it was and still is transformative: besides gaining more clarity about my mission and direction, I took a deeper look at what stands in my way of growth and development; I started to better observe myself and work harder in removing my own blockages. That gave me a higher sense of self, better energy and higher vibes, I’m more open to new experiences, I’m discovering more ways of living a meaningful life.”

Gomathi Siva Sankaran Founder, CEO, The Guiding Light Art Company, Sønderborg, Denmark

“The transformational program offered by InnovateOn is a unique experience. A couple of years ago, I had this opportunity to take up few sessions with Rodica Neagu and I am thankful that these sessions happened in my life at the right time. It was just around the time I had taken a critical decision with my life and career, and this is exactly where most of us are hit by uncertainty and insecurity. It is so easy for most of us that are taking bold decisions to get caught up in stereotypical expectations. One must raise above such expectations, get a clear big picture as to the real purpose – why are we here at this point in time in life? Why are we doing what we are doing with our life? Are our actions in alignment with our soul’s purpose? These questions can be intimidating to handle. However, the answers to these questions, are the foundation based on which we are functioning. If one is aiming at transformation, I think, it is important to get to this foundation. Rodica had this structured approach that could help me connect the dots and reach this foundation. Furthermore, the exercises she had provided had also supported me in the journey. I would encourage participants to go with an open mind and try working with her as an observant of one’s own life. It could do wonders 😊

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