Property Clearing

Properties, like everything else, have an energetic structure of their own, that can be accessed in the Akashic Records. In time, the places are imprinted with the energy of its owners and of the events held in there.

When we buy or rent a property, we choose it (consciously or unconsciously) because the property is a vibrational match for our level, at that time.

Whenever we go through changes / transformations, we change our vibration, therefore it does not correspond anymore to the place we live in. Whenever this happens, when our home/work place becomes vibrationally different than who we are, the place does not support our creation anymore. We can become drained, feel uncomfortable, uninspired or weakened by the “old” energy of the place. It can create so many issues, that we feel the need to move.

Whenever this happens, we need to realign the energy of our space to our own energy, our current level of vibration. This can be done in many ways. Through Akashic Records we access the energy of the place, identify what energies are not “a match” to its owners and clear it.

Price: 250 RON

What is included:

  • 1 Akashic Records reading & energy clearing for the property (done before the 1:1 session);
  • 1:1 session (30 min) online (video call);
  • The recording of the session;

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