Akashic Records is an amazing resource for guidance to know ourselves at a profound level and to better understand how we create our experiences. It is the record of everything that ever was, everything that will be, everything that is.

In my practice, I access information in the Akashic Records according to the modality Soul Realignment, created de Andrrea Hess. I created several types of sessions focused on aspects that can help you in various ways. You can find the overview listed below and for more details about each option check the menu under Realignment.

Choose the session that suits you:

  • Soul Realignment – expand your self-knowledge at a profound level, clear energetic blocks and realign with your original divine blueprint
  • Chakra Analysis – get a detailed analysis of your chakras activity, at all levels – physical, emotional and mental
  • Life Lessons Reading – get a detailed analysis of your current life lessons (primary and secondary) for this lifetime
  • Relationships Reading – get a soul-level perspective on your relationships (life partner, parents, children, siblings etc) to better understand how to build a healthy relationship, to find the root cause of existing challenges (from this lifetime or past lives), to clear the energetic blocks that lead to dysfunctional patterns in the relationship and much more.
  • Ongoing Support – guidance sessions to help you integrate the information uncovered in the sessions listed above
  • Programs – mix of sessions designed to support your realignment and transformation


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