Relationships Realignment

Relationships play a major role in our personal growth. Through our relationships we learn more about who we are and who we are NOT.

The Relationships Realignment session offers a soul-level perspective on our relationships to better understand how to build a healthy relationship together and how relationship can help us align to our Divine self-expression. It uncovers specifically:

  • how the relationship can help us align to our Divine self-expression;
  • energetic blocks and restrictions (from this life or past lives) that may be negatively affecting the relationship;
  • shared past life history;
  • shared negative karma;
  • negative contracts;
  • life lessons associated to the relationship.

✅ Relationship reading can be done for romantic relationships and partnership, parent/child, siblings, business partners and close friends as well.

⛔️ Relationship reading can’t be done for relationships that are over or a former partner.

Price: 900 RON

What is included:

  • 1 Relationship reading and energy clearing (if necessary) – done before the 1:1 session;
  • 1:1 session (90 – 120 min);
  • The recording of the session;
  • Tailored ‘homework’ to reprogram the subconscious mind according to the patterns identified – if applicable.

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