Relaxation – such a needed skill

There are many Masters among us, we just need to open up enough to notice them and receive their wisdom. One of them – this kitten – teaches me the skill of relaxation. I am amazed by the cat’s ability to relax no matter where, no matter what … and by my deficiencies in this area. 🙈🙃

Relaxation is such a needed skill! And so overlooked! Do not wait for the weekend, take a break right now, in the middle of the week. And whenever you remember, take small breaks to just BE.

Here are some thoughts for contemplation & test (whenever you feel ready to create new healthy habits):
💡 How would it feel to start the day with a moment of relaxation instead of rushing through the morning?
💡 How would it feel to take deep breaths between the coffee sips?
💡 How would it feel to take a few minutes walk and enjoy the sunshine after lunch?
💡 How would it feel to just do nothing?
💡 How would it feel to …

Give it a try. And feel welcome to share your experience in a comment, if you feel so.

Enjoy it! ❤️🙏

Live Now. Live Fully

We tend to postpone our lives to better times, when we meet the deadline for X, when we lose weight, when we find the right partner, when the children grow up, when summer comes, when we make more money – you name it.

We create so much conditioning and so many milestones that we miss the most important – to live. We run to build a better life and end up running from life.

What makes as avoid the present moment? Sometimes is to hide the void inside, some other times to cope with some experiences, to forget about unfulfillment, to tame unwanted emotions and so on – all to get rid of something we don’t like, something we label as “bad”. But is any of this as bad as missing life?

What if we just stop? Right now. Focus on this present moment with everything that brings.

How does it feel?

Live now. Live fully.

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