(Re)Discover Yourself – Transformational Program at a Special Price for Women’s Day

On the occasion of Women’s Day, I offer the transformational program (Re)Discover Yourself at a special price, during period March 5 – 9th, 2022.

You can book this program for a special woman in your life or for the most special of all – Yourself. 🙂

Here’s what you get in this program:

✅ 1 Akashic Records reading (profile and energy blocks). The information from your profile will become your “compass”, which will help you express yourself as close as possible to your true self, in all situations and on all levels. You can find details on the modality that I use to access Akashic Records on Soul Realignment®.

✅ 1 Manifesting Blueprint reading (blueprint and comparison current actions vs. blueprint). The information in this blueprint can be used whenever you want to make changes – manifest something new or correct imbalances in current experiences. You can find details on the modality that I use to access the blueprint on Manifesting Blueprint.

4 sessions 1:1 (online or offline – if you are in Bucharest), where I will guide you in the process of self-discovery and realignment with your authentic self.

The recording the sessions to listen afterwards, whenever you need, as you integrate the new information into your daily life.

✅ Homework – ritual for reprogramming the subconscious to integrate new information into your reality here and now.

✅ Useful examples of new actions, aligned with your true self.

Sounds interesting? Find out all about it at: (Re)Discover Yourself.

Enjoy it!

Special offer March 5 – 9th, 2022:

1800 RON 1500 RON


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